The Zipper bag ZipmeAndco™

ZipMe is an extraordinary zipper! Zip it and a bag comes to life! Unzip it and you’ll get your zipper back! ZipMe is a convenient and original accessory available in many colors and shapes.

Your imagination is the limit.

If you are a reseller at fairs, markets or in a shop and are looking for a new and easy-to-sell product, discover why become a ZipMe reseller right away.




ZipmeAndco™ products

Without any compromise on quality, our products are made from YKK zippers (the reference on the market) and are put together with double seams for optimal sturdiness. We offer a wide range of colors as well as new designs on a regular basis. All articles are machine-washable at 30 degrees.

Fanny pack
l: 23cm – h: 15cm – Adjustable belt
l: 11cm – h: 10cm – d: 11cm
Beggar’s Bag
l: 37cm – d: 32cm – Strap:Adjustable
Beach bag
l: 65cm – h: 42cm – 2 handles: 62cm
l: 85cm – h: 8cm – Satin Ribbon
l (base): 35cm – d: 23 cm
Mini purse
l: 11cm – h: 6cm
Telephone bag
l: 10cm – h: 15cm – Strap: 100cm
Bottle holder
Bottle size: 0.5l – Strap: 120 cm
l: 15cm – d: 11cm
l: 30cm – h: 30cm – Adjustable shoulder straps
Adjustable Strap Bag
l: 33cm – d: 22cm – Strap: Adjustable
Girl Bag
l: 16cm – h: 20cm – Strap: 100cm
Rectangle Bag
l: 24cm – h: 18cm – Strap: 115cm
Trapeze bag
l base: 30cm – h: 35 cm – Strap: 115cm - Double opening
Toilet bag
l: 26cm – h: 19cm – Double opening
Pencil case
l: 25cm – d: 11cm
Dozens of colors and combinations


Resellers’ testimonies

Each year, we welcome new resellers and their experiences are always different. Still hesitating joining the ZipMe community? Here is a selection of testimonies from some resellers, faithful to our brand, some even from the very first day. Their story could be yours soon.

Babou in Saint-Valery-Sur-Somme, France « A new beginning for me! »
Needing extra earnings, I leaned towards markets, just about 5 years ago.
I didn’t have any experience on the matter and Clarisse and Laurent then helped me organize a stand as well as a dynamic and coherent sales system.
The growth of my earnings and the excitement of success led me to develop a team of sellers in my area and open a shop in which 80% of the revenue is made from this « magical » zipper; ZipMe.
Thanks you two!
Sylvie in Quebec, Canada « The products are very original and well thought out»
I’ve been partnering with the company ZipmeAndco since November 2014.
It’s new, but as the products are very original and well thought out, I already success.
As I saw in those bags a good business opportunity, I had several requests to make that all found answers and solutions.
Clarisse really is very attentive to her customers. She never hesitates to accommodate, if she believes it is in the interest of the client and business. She is very efficient and helped me a lot in terms of reducing the costs for my company in Canada.
The distance from her customers has no limit. She is totally available and answers messages quickly.
A very nice cooperative business relationship is developing between us even though I am overseas.
Marie in Sarlat, France « The product is somewhat magical »
It’s been 5 years since I started with ZipmeAndco. The product is somewhat magical and enables me live well and have fun while selling it!
It was a pleasure for me to come to Bali, meet Sodek, Anna and those in charge of production; who are happy about their job and do it well.
It’s a pleasure to work with Clarisse and Laurent, in all truthfulness and honesty. It is possible to personalize the collection and make it evolve and grow every year.
Thanks… and long live ZIP ME!"
Joan in England «the excitement as well as the sales haven’t stopped growing! »
Working with ZipmeAndco is an awesome experience!
For the past year now, we’ve been buying and selling these zip products and the excitement as well as the sales haven’t stopped growing!
At first, we chose this product to add onto an existing family income but the popularity of the product combined with the quality of the production and its originality as a gift changed our vision!
Today, we use the benefits for charity throughout the world. The benefits will go directly to children and women in Uganda.
We thank our clients and the team at ZipmeAndco: their support allows us to live out a beautiful experience by selling magical zippers!


Why become a reseller?

At fairs, markets or in your shop, the bags and handbags are a true asset! Colorful, original, convenient and at a low price, they attract costumers willing to make a gift for someone or themselves! Discover the details of our prices right away (from 500 pieces – all colors and shapes combined). Throughout the world, our resellers have increased their earnings, why not you?

Easy sell!

People come to you because:

  • The concept sparks off surprise.
  • They want to understand the zipping system.
  • The wide variety of colors catches the eye.

The link is created and the person becomes a client by:

  • Testing the zipper,
  • Realizing it becomes a bag and

The deal is done!

ZipmeAndco™’s 6 benefits

  • Short demos for optimal success
  • Minimum order without constraint
  • Storage needing little space
  • Shipping adapted to needs and volumes
  • Virtually unlimited colors and designs
  • Selling tools to assist you (banners, packaging, files, etc.)

Want to be a reseller
ZipmeAndco™ ?

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You haven’t found the answer to your question?

ZipmeAndco products are simple to present, the same way we operate which is more like a long-term partnership than a classic business relationship. If, after browsing our website, you still are missing answers on some matters, please contact us.